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Saturday, April 16, 2011

Name Change, Podcast 3 is up, and a quick clarification on zombies.

Our name change seems to be complete. Check out our main website at We tried to re-do podcast 3, but our hearts just weren't in it. The original #3 is available, however.

A quick word about philosophical zombies: They are supposed to be absolutely physically identical to we conscious human beings, otherwise they would be of no use to the excellent philosopher David Chalmers, who invented them to make the case for property dualism. I took liberty with the term 'philosophical zombie' to make my point about what God might do. Automatons indistinguishable from conscious human beings by other conscious human beings are good enough for my purposes in this podcast, but I ought to have been careful not to distort an important and interesting thought experiment in philosophy of mind. Check out Chalmer's zombies here:

Next week, if all goes well, we will have our first guest!

I've been working like a dog lately, and have had precious little time for anything, but I really am going to get us on Itunes soon! I sort of promise!


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