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Sunday, April 24, 2011

Podcast 4, and we are finally on Itunes!

Podcast 4 is up. The content is good, but the audio has problems, I'm afraid.

Good news though, I BELIEVE we are on Itunes, subject to their approval! I'm sorry it took such a long time to get that done, but I really can only work on the podcast on the weekends. I hope to fix up a minor graphical problem on the webpage next week and to get to work on adding metadata and promoting it in other ways.

Also, I'm hoping we will have a logo soon; a professional artist has volunteered to help us with that. :)



Saturday, April 16, 2011

Name Change, Podcast 3 is up, and a quick clarification on zombies.

Our name change seems to be complete. Check out our main website at We tried to re-do podcast 3, but our hearts just weren't in it. The original #3 is available, however.

A quick word about philosophical zombies: They are supposed to be absolutely physically identical to we conscious human beings, otherwise they would be of no use to the excellent philosopher David Chalmers, who invented them to make the case for property dualism. I took liberty with the term 'philosophical zombie' to make my point about what God might do. Automatons indistinguishable from conscious human beings by other conscious human beings are good enough for my purposes in this podcast, but I ought to have been careful not to distort an important and interesting thought experiment in philosophy of mind. Check out Chalmer's zombies here:

Next week, if all goes well, we will have our first guest!

I've been working like a dog lately, and have had precious little time for anything, but I really am going to get us on Itunes soon! I sort of promise!


Sunday, April 10, 2011

Name change, Itunes, and some comments on recent podcasts

Ben and I have decided to change the name of our podcast from "Truly Free" to "Goodness Over God". While we liked the name "Truly Free" it just wasn't clear from the name what the point of the podcast was.

I'm working on getting us on Itunes, but it isn't quite as simple as I thought. I need to figure out how to create an XML feed...

I think that podcast 2 was a great improvement over podcast 1. It required less editing, I stammered less in it, and it seemed to me to be a bit more clear. Others, including Ben, disagree in that assessment. We both agreed that podcast 3 was the best so far, which is kind of a shame, because we had some audio problems and are going to have to redo it. Oh well...

Anyway, I have high hopes for the future of this project; I'll let you non-existent blog readers know when we are on Itunes. Cheers!


Michael's take on Podcast 1 (Actually first posted on the 5th)

I thought I'd start a blog for the discussion and clarification of the issues raised in our podcast. Since we have next to no audience at this point, I'm not going to have too much to say just yet. I would like to make a few self-critical comments though:

1) It really wasn't sensible for me to say that Plantinga is the most well respected Christian philosopher. It might be fair to say that he is one the most well respected vocally Christian non-Catholic Philosophers. I forgot about Michael Dummett and Alisdair MacInyre, who are both vocal Catholics and, it seems to me, are in a different league than Plantinga. I imagine there are other renowned living philosophers who are Christians as well. I'm just not aware of their Christianity.

Oh well, I'll be more careful when voicing my personal, subjective impressions of professional rank in the future.

2) Really sorry about all of my stammering. I won't allow that to happen in the future.

3) I regret having said that it wasn't helpful to speculate about motivations, only to immediately speculate about Plantinga's motivations. I don't want our podcast to take that tone.

That said, I'm struggling to balance the need to be civil and to not dehumanize those with whom I disagree, on the one hand, and to speak to the moral depravity and dishonesty which which I strongly believe is endemic to orthodox Christianity on the other. I know that many Christians are good people in most respects, but the unwillingness of so many to critically examine their beliefs is to their moral discredit. Even more to their discredit is their willingness to call a being who would torture other beings forever 'good'. There will be more on this in our next two podcasts.

Thanks for listening and reading!

Michael Long